Recovery Room

We know your journey to peak performance doesn’t end at the gym, on the field, or after that final lap. That’s why we’ve created a state-of-the-art Recovery Room designed to accelerate your healing process and get you back to your best self faster.

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Ice Baths

When you immerse yourself in an ice bath, the cold exposure causes your blood vessels to constrict. These vessels rapidly dilate when removed from the cold water. The nutrient-rich blood flow to your muscles helps remove the metabolic waste that builds up during exercise, which is why it is an ideal choice for sports recovery.

Ice baths also reduce inflammation, relieve fatigue and reduce chronic pain.
Numerous studies on ice baths support the immune system, improve mental clarity, sleep and mood, and the scientifically backed mental health benefits of cold water exposure.

Group Sauna

The sauna offers many health benefits, including detoxification, increased metabolism, weight loss, increased blood circulation, pain reduction, cardiovascular function, immune function, sleep, stress management and relaxation. 

Contrast Therapy

Experiencing the power of sauna and ice bath therapy can bring many health benefits. The routine of alternating between hot and cold effectively boosts your endorphin levels and enhances circulation, lung capacity, skin health, immune response and metabolic rate.

Beyond these physical benefits, contrast therapy provides notable recovery aid following strenuous training, contributes to hypertension management, reduces body-wide inflammation and promotes profound relaxation.

The aftermath? An elevated mood, a sharpened alertness and a revitalised sense of wellbeing – an indispensable regimen for those pursuing optimal health and recovery.

NormaTec Compression Therapy

NormaTec’s dynamic pulse compression technology brings compression to a new level. It provides immediate recovery and increased range of motion and delivers outstanding performance. The compression pattern called “pulsing” perfectly mimics the legs’ muscle pump, leading to fluid release after intense training.

NormaTec boots are especially popular with elite athletes who use their legs, such as runners, swimmers, triathletes, and weightlifters. But it’s not just athletes that can benefit. These sessions are great for anyone who spends their days on their feet, pregnant women with fluid buildup in the legs, weekend warriors, or those who sit at their desk all day and have fluid buildup or poor circulation in their legs.

Recovery Zone

Raise your recovery game – get FREE access to our Recovery Zone with all Recovery Room memberships.

Our equipment includes state-of-the-art massage guns, a spin bike for recovery and improving blood flow, foam rollers and trigger point balls. 

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The whole centre and staff are amazing! Feel so relaxed and invited as soon as I walk in the door, right up until I leave! Highly recommend Body for Life 😊

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I find it a great environment and staff are always willing to help and give you advice on what treatments will suit you .

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