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Pregnancy Massage

The perfect way to relax and reduce stress

Pregnancy Massage

What is Pregnancy Massage?

This massage will relieve many of the natural discomforts experienced during pregnancy including backache, leg cramps and swollen ankles. The perfect way for mum to be to relax and nurture her ever changing body.

Please note that Pregnancy massage is not generally performed during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy without written doctor’s consent.

What are the benefits of Pregnancy Massage?

Studies indicate that massage therapy during pregnancy can help in the following ways

  • Induce relaxation and reduce stress
  • Relief from muscle cramps, spasms and myofascial pain, especially in the lower back, neck, hips and legs
  • Reduce stress on weight- bearing joints
  • Improves outcome of labour and easing of labour pain
  • Enhances the pliability of skin and underlying tissues
  • Regulates hormones, resulting in improved mood
  • Reduction in edema, or swelling
  • Better sleep

Always talk to your doctor before you have a pregnancy massage, especially if:

  • you are in the first trimester
  • you have nausea, vomiting or morning sickness
  • you are at high risk of miscarriage
  • you have a high-risk pregnancy (such as due to preeclampsia or high blood pressure)
  • you have a blood clot, for example deep vein thrombosis
  • you have abdominal pain or bleeding

What is involved in Pregnancy Massage Treatment?

Pregnancy can put a lot of stress on your back, shoulders, neck and abdominal muscles. Pregnancy massage is designed to relieve some of the aches and pains that are common during pregnancy. Our qualified pregnancy therapists are educated on the areas to target and which to avoid.

Before the massage begins, your therapist will talk to you about your health and lifestyle. They will ask you to lie on a massage table with specially designed pregnancy support pillows and will cover you with towels to protect your privacy and to keep you warm.

First Time Visitors receive 60 Minute
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