Infrared Sauna

Private Infrared Sauna

Our saunas use advanced infrared technology to penetrate and soothe your muscles, encouraging detoxification, enhancing circulation, and providing relaxation and stress relief.


Infrared Sauna Benefits


By gently heating your tissues with infrared rays, these sauna sessions promote increased circulation and oxygenation, which can aid in reducing inflammation throughout the body. This therapeutic heat penetrates deep into your muscles, joints, and organs, helping to soothe chronic conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Cardiovascular Health

During a session, the infrared heat increases heart rate, similar to that experienced during moderate exercise, resulting in a cardiovascular workout without physical exertion. Infrared helps improve blood circulation, allowing for better oxygenation of tissues and organs throughout the body.

Assists with Deeper Sleep

The deep, penetrating heat of the sauna relaxes the body and mind, promoting calmness and easing the transition into sleep. Raising and gradually cooling down your core body temperature mimics the natural drop in temperature before bedtime, helping you achieve a deeper, more restorative sleep state.

Pain Reduction

The deep heat generated by the infrared rays penetrates deep into the muscles, joints, and tissues, promoting relaxation and alleviating pain. Infrared sauna sessions can help reduce inflammation, relieve muscle soreness, and ease joint stiffness by increasing circulation and oxygenation to the affected areas.

Lose Weight

When you step into an infrared sauna, the gentle heat raises your core body temperature, leading to an increased heart rate similar to that experienced during a moderate-intensity workout. This elevated heart rate stimulates metabolism, promoting calorie burning and potentially aiding in weight loss efforts.

Muscle Recovery

Infrared sauna therapy accelerates muscle recovery by increasing blood flow to your muscles, delivering oxygen and nutrients for repair. Infrared light has also been shown to promote cell autophagy, a critical process our body undergoes to ensure cells are renewed and restored or killed off.


Get answers to our most commonly asked questions about Remedial Massage. Need help finding what you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us for anything else; we’ll do our best to help.

No, you don’t need to be a member, but membership provides excellent savings. We offer once-a-week and three times-a-week membership options, along with multi-session packs. Ask us to find out more.

Upon arrival, somebody will lead you to our lounge area, where you will be offered herbal tea or water. You will be asked to fill in our health history client intake form here. One of our friendly team will then lead you to our fully private sauna room. We will show you how to hook up to our Bluetooth speakers if you wish to listen to music or a podcast. You can also dim the lighting to suit your mood.

The standard temperature for an infrared sauna is 62-64 degrees, with the maximum temperature being 70 degrees. Infrared saunas are a “dry” heat that raises your core body temperature, making for a very intense sweat.

In the sauna we recommend you wear undies or bathers. You will sweat a lot, so you want to be comfortable. Bring loose fitting clothing to wear after your session.

We provide towels for you so the only thing you really need to bring is WATER! It’s very important that you arrive well hydrated and continue to drink water during your sauna. If you forget your water bottle we have bottles for purchase.

Yes. But we recommend that you let your body cool naturally after your sauna as this will help you feel the benefits for up to an hour after your session is over.

However, if you are booked in for a massage after your sauna you will required to shower before the massage.

No, our sauna is a single person sauna allowing complete privacy and a place to unwind. However at Body for Life we offer a range of other wellness services so we often have partners and friends doing other treatments while while you have your sauna.

No. Please do not wear fake tan in our sauna. Any damaged towels from fake tan will incur a $25 fee per towel.

No. Not only will it block your pores, decrease your sweat and encourage breakouts it will also stain our sauna wood.

Yes you can.

The main difference between infrared and traditional saunas is how they use heat. Traditional saunas use a single heater that heats the air, and this hot air heats the user. In contrast, infrared saunas use advanced therapy to warm the user directly, with only a tiny percentage of the heat heating the air, resulting in a deeper sweat and a lower ambient air temperature. Infrared saunas usually operate between 50 °C and 70°C, while traditional saunas can get up to 92°C.

You will get all of the relaxation benefits of a traditional infrared sauna and the increased health benefits that infrared offers at a much more comfortable temperature. Infrared saunas are also dry saunas; many users find this makes for a more comfortable sauna session.

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30 minute Infrared Sauna session for just $15.00 on your first visit to Body for Life.

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