CryoGlow Facial

This facial is ideal for clients wanting a touch of relaxation. It’s also an excellent treatment option for clients who have not had a skin treatment before.

Treatment time: 45 Minutes

Using BFL’s Cryotherapy, you will leave with instantly lifted glowing skin.

This treatment includes a double cleanse, a pre-exfoliation if your skin is suitable, and our BFL Cryo Facial treatment and a relaxing face, neck and décolletage massage. We apply a customised serum, moisturiser, and SPF to finish the treatment.

We recommend having this treatment every four weeks in combination with at-home skin care for optimal results.

Treatment time: 45 Minutes


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Our signature BFL Cryotherapy machine uses a non-invasive technique to apply a steady stream of hyper-cooled air (-152°C) to the skin safely and painlessly, rapidly cooling the outer layer of the skin, giving an instant tightening effect, boosting the skin’s natural metabolic rate and increasing collagen production. Cryotherapy can result in a more youthful and toned appearance with ZERO downtime!

Cryotherapy isn’t just used to treat the skin’s surface; it also repairs the deeper layers. During your cryo treatment, vasoconstriction occurs – tiny capillaries under the skin surface tighten in response to exposure to colder temperatures, directing blood back through your vascular system and increasing circulation to the treatment area—improved circulation results in two fantastic chain reactions. The first response is increased oxygen and nutrient delivery to your skin and cells via increased blood flow. The second increases the speed at which our lymphatic system drains and eliminates toxins from our bodies.

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