Sports Massage

Sport specific massage therapy for a fantastic recovery

What is Sports Massage?

As an athlete, you have to pay attention to all aspects of your training and rehabilitation. Sports massage is designed to prevent and treat existing injuries and improve recovery. Focusing on the muscles that are relevant to your particular sport or activity your therapist will focus on having your body ready for peak performance and physical conditioning with accelerated recovery and decreased chance of injury.

What are the benefits of Sports Massage?

The deep tissue aspects of sports massage can ease myofascial tensions, cramping, and the tightened muscles that many athletes endure. The more relaxing aspects of it help the athlete calm themselves both mentally and physically. The massage focuses on the areas of the body relevant to your particular sporting activity.

What is involved in Sports Massage Treatment?

When you have a sport massage treatment, you are optimizing your mind and body to be the best competitor you can be. While sports massages can be relaxing, much of it is focused on the deeper tissue areas and may leave a little soreness as these areas regenerate and recover.

At the beginning of your appointment, therapist may assess your range of motion by asking you to stretch in various ways. Your pain levels will be also be discussed.

Who benefits from a Sports Massage?

From weekend warriors, to high school basketball teams to Olympic teams, to professional sports clubs. The benefits of this massage have proven to be numerous.

Sport massage is not just for athletes though. This very focused type of massage can help anyone experiencing muscle pain.

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