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Our famous Express 30 Massage

Shoulders and Neck

What is Express 30 Massage?

A condensed session for when you don’t have time for your regular treatment but require relief from muscular tension or headache. Focused primarily on shoulders and neck area.

What are the benefits of an Express 30 Massage?

Although real benefits from massage are usually felt in treatments of 60 minutes, an express 30-minute treatment can provide some limited, immediate relief for those unable to fit in a regular treatment. Particularly useful if you have woken with a tension headache etc, you can schedule an express treatment during your lunch break or working day.

What is involved in an Express 30 Massage Treatment?

These massages are performed lying down on a massage table with just your top half undressed for treatment.

First Time Visitors receive 60 Minute
Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage ONLY $79.95*

*not a gift card option, conditions apply

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